Editing commands anonymously :D

hey guys i was wondering if i can edit commands anonymously so the red message won’t appear is this possible !!!

You should use the control panel instead of editing commands in chat if you wish to edit them discretely.

It is possible we may eventually add some form of whisper support, but this may or may not happen (depends on how Twitch plans to revise their whisper system).

oh thx for replaying but its not my channel i forget to mention that i’m a mod and i have !kills count command so every kill i need to edit the command :smiley:

The owner of the channel can add you as a sub-user at https://nightbot.tv/account. Once added as a sub-user, you can access his/her dashboard by clicking on your name once logging into the control panel at https://nightbot.tv in the upper-right of the page.

thanks a lot for the help :smiley:

Is this a new feature, or did I just not found this yet? Good to know this is possible now.

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