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So i’m a mod for a streamer that has a sub goal so everytime someone subs i update it is there a way to update title without rewriting the title again just updating the subgoal i don’t know if this is possible

I was think of using this but i don’t know if it Will work.

!set !edittitle -a=!editcom !title $(query)

!addcom !goal -editcom !title SubGoal: $(query)

You can add this title-editing command so you only need to type the current sub count.

 !addcom !goal -a=!title [usual stream title] SubGoal: $(query)
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I’m guessing what they’re updating is the amount of subs, not the goal itself, in which case, the following command would automate it without having to type anything:

!addcom !update -a=!title $(twitch $(channel) "$(eval `$(query)`?q=`$(query)`.split(` `):q=[];if(q.length>=1){n=q.pop();isNaN(n)?`${q.push(n),q.join(` `)} | Subgoal: `:`${q.join(` `)} | Subgoal: `;}else{`DEFAULT_STREAM_TITLE | Subgoal: `}){{subscriberCount}}$(eval `$(query)`?q=`$(query)`.split(` `):q=[];s=`/DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_GOAL`;if(q.length>=1){n=q.pop();isNaN(n)?s:`/${n}`;}else{s})")

With this one you can have a DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_GOAL as well as a DEFAULT_STREAM_TITLE, and if any of the two variables change and you don’t have time to edit the command, you can just type the new value, but you’ll have to do it every time you update the title until you update the command.

Basically the syntax is: !update [newTitle] [newSubGoal] with newTitle and newSubGoal being optional, to use in case it’s different that the one in the command.

If you just want a simple version:

!addcom !update -a=!title $(twitch $(channel) "DEFAULT_STREAM_TITLE | Subgoal: {{subscriberCount}}/DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_GOAL")

You could even put this in a timer, and have the title being updated every 15 minutes for example without having to do anything at all:

$(twitch $(channel) "DEFAULT_STREAM_TITLE | Subgoal: {{subscriberCount}}/DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_GOAL")

Alias: !title

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