Edit timers through chat

Hello everyone…
I’m a channel moderator and would like to know if it is possible to edit the automatic nightbot messages through chat? changing the time, and even the message.
And how would the command look like, since I didn’t find it in the nightbot docs.

I do not believe this is possible directly, but I am pretty sure you could change the message by invoking a command and storing the message info there. Doesn’t change the timer, but I am confident that you can just have a blank message with an alias of a command.

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Hey @bumdiaa!

You can’t edit timers through the chat, but as @abomination said, you can use an alias and edit the message in the alias command, but that’s time consuming and it doesn’t address the changing time component (even tho’ if that’s what you’re after, you should consider using commands instead of timers), so here’s another solution you could use and adapt to your case:

I’d personally use a Pastebin instead of the Quote API, but that works.

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@Emily I am curious to learn more about the usage of pastebin. I did a search and see quite a few posts referencing it and plan to go through them. Are you aware of a good guide or shining example of using pastebin? If so, I would love if you could share. Otherwise, I will continue the journey of “doing the research myself” (but honestly, where is the fun in that? This is why Google was invented, wasn’t it!? :smiley: )

Hey @abomination!

There are a couple topics where I explained how to set up a command with Pastebin, and this one is one of the clearest I wrote that I remember:

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Thank you @Emily. Much appreciated!

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