Edit command when a particular command is mentioned

Hi there, I am kind of new to NodeJS but I was playing around with the edit command feature of nightbot, but couldn’t work out how I can separately edit a value of a command. for example,

I have added a command [!commands add !wl -ul=moderator -a=!command edit !record $(1)-$(2)]
to edit the record after a game to edit the win-loss values. Is it possible to further edit the record value by specifying the command to edit wins and losses separately?

for example: if the record is 10-5 , I’m trying to give !w 11 so that it edits the record as 11-5, leaving the loss record as is and if its a loss !l 6 then it edits the record as 11-6.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


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