Duel command on spanish

!addcom !Duelo $(urlfetch https://vxrl.xyz/smm/$(user)[1] ha retado a $(touser)[2] a un duelo a muerte con cuchillos/-La%20Pelea%20est%C3%A1%20re%C3%B1ida%20pero%20ambos%20saben%20que%20solo%20haber%20un%20solo%20ganador./-Se%20muerden%2C%20rasgu%C3%B1an%20y%20se%20pican%20los%20ojos%20el%20uno%20al%20otro./GANADOR: [$(eval Math.floor(Math.random()*2)+1;)]?¡=5000&d=1)
It’s ok?

Hey @Mapedou!

There’s a lot of reasons why it can’t work, here’s a fix:

!addcom !duelo $(urlfetch http://rokbot.xyz/smm.php?msg=$(user) ha retado a $(touser) a un duelo a muerte con cuchillos.`La Pelea esta renida pero ambos saben que solo haber un solo ganador.`Se muerden, rasgunan y se pican los ojos el uno al otro.`$(eval u=["$(user)","$(touser)"];u=u[Math.floor(Math.random()*2)];r="GANADOR: "+u;)&i=5&d=1) 

I used another API, made by @RokettoJanpu, which does pretty much the same thing as VXRL’s tool, but in a different way, however, I had to remove special characters for the command to work, I tried to keep them in, but nothing of what I tried worked.

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