Doubt about Nightbot

Hello, I would like to know if there is any possibility to Nightbot to show on the YT live chat when someone would make a donation to the channel but on a outside link page - the pages are: www(dot)ko-fi(dot)com/… and buymeacoffee(dot)com/… if someone would donate, could Nightbot post “John has donated on Ko-fi” or something like that? And if yes, is there someone who could help me make it?

Hey @C.A!

It depends if the services you mention have subscribe API methods to get that data.

For Ko-Fi, I found a few links by doing a quick search on their website:
They apparently already have a solution for messages in YouTube chats, I’d suggest looking around in your Ko-Fi settings and/or asking their support, but just in case, they do have a webhook system.

BuyMeACoffee seems to only support stream alerts:

It’s not our job to search the web for you, we’re not a search engine; the first place you should look at when trying to integrate a third party app, is the third party app’s documentation.

If I asked on here is because I did not know how to find or what to look for.
I have had help on here many times from other users because I, many times, didn’t know how to build a command or where to look to find information, and they showed me the ways.
Thank you for your ~kind answer, Emily.

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