Double row of Favorite Emotes (20)

Hello, the current limit for Favorite Emotes is 1 row of 10 favorites.
While I was using Twitch for a few months I thought I would never need more.
However, 10 is not that much when you are subbed to multiple channels and also frequently use the Global and BetterTV emotes. Adding just one extra row would not eat up much space, relatively to the rest when you press the Emote Menu.
However, it would give you a ton more emotes to quickly insert and would future proof it for a long while.
Some would argue that for some even that would not be enough, and that’s true but it’s always a balancing act. For most people, by far, however, this would be plenty. I also see more and more people subbing to more channelsand to multiple channels they don’t even follow just for the emotes. Twitch is also still growing and emotes is such a fundamental part of it.
I hope this is a relatively simple coding job and would not create instability or other issues and i know you’re super occupied, but I really love to see this implemented in the future. And I’m sure all BTTV users as well.
Thank you.

The emote menu isn’t actually something BetterTTV makes. It just implements it from another developer. A scrollable favorite section is something that is planned and you can watch/comment on that here: but there doesn’t appear to be a plan for another row of favorite emotes.

But they could add to it probably. But if there are plans to change it I will keep an eye on that. Doesn’t sound like scrolling would help me out much though (tough I guess it could save some time). Maybe on phone or laptop scrolling is ideal but I’m always on a desktop when I’m on Twitch, 2 rows would give me a nice overview. Haveing to scroll through a long list might not help a lot. Thank you for your comment.

EDIT: Unless it’s horizontal scrolling. That would be a game changer.

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