Double counter/variable as text

i have played with the commands for about an hour. i have almost got it working, but one thing keeps breaking it.
The commands i added were basically:
!addcom !Deathcounter Ray has died 1 times $(query)
!addcom !Deaths -a:!deathcounter and has killed 1 bosses!
!addcom !Death+ -ul:Moderator -a:command edit !deathcounter Ray has died $(count) times $(query)
!addcom !boss+ -ul:moderator -a:command edit !deaths and has killed $(count) bosses!

the problem is in bold. is there a way i can get it to post that as text so itll transfer to the new command without using it? or is what im trying to accomplish even possible with nightbot?

You can use aliases to accomplish this. For usage information for a similar situation, check out a previous post I made: Custom !setwins command

i see what you are saying, but i dont think i can accomplish what i want to. at least, with every way im trying, !deaths will update to add a death. is there a way to make this not happen?

Assuming a setup of

!commands add !deathcount Ray has died 0 times.

If you want to update !deaths with the count of another command, you can use

!commands add !death+ -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !deathcount Ray has died $(count) times.

and then use !death+ to increase the count in !deathcount

Not exactly what i was asking, but I’m gonna leave it separate, it works fine as 2 unconnected commands for both bosses and deaths. Thank you for your time Night.

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