Does BTTV support the new Twitch VOD feature?

For a while now i’ve been using Rechat For Twitch while watching VODs to enable chat for those VODs and BTTV has worked with ReChat, but now that Twitch has their own chat VOD feature i’ve noticed that BTTV doesn’t work with it, meaning i can’t see any of the BTTV emotes in chat. BTTV emotes still work for live broadcasts but not VODs. Has BTTV not been made to work for VOD chat or is it a problem on my end? I’ve looked around a bit, and i don’t see anyone having the same issue.

It currently doesn’t work with the new chat replay feature newly implemented by twitch. At some point in the future it will be added in.

This has been implemented. You can now see BetterTTV emotes in Twitch VoDs.

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