Does anyone know how to re-add an !editcom command?

A fellow moderator accidentally deleted the !editcom command and now we can’t fix previous commands that have been made. This isn’t a super large issue, except this streamer I moderate for is quite large.

Hey @plez_spectate_me!

The !editcom command can’t be deleted, make sure !commands is enabled.

I don’t mean to be rude, except that a fellow mod actually DID do !delcom !editcom and now we can’t edit commands. !commands !addcom !delcom still work, but not !editcom. I have accessed the streamers account to try and help him, but I still can’t add !editcom back. It’s not that it’s an inactive command, it’s literally gone.

Hiya, addcom/editcom/delcom are default aliases of the !commands command, and like Emily said they can’t be deleted, you won’t see them in your command list either.
Check if there maybe is a custom command named !editcom, which overwrites the default functionality.

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Thanks! Some idiot changed it to [error]. Everything is working again!

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