Displaying the result instead of command update message


I would like to create a command which increases the count and at the same time, shows the result.
As a simple example, when a viewer types !apple, I would like nightbot to display “1 apple has been eaten” instead of “The command !apple has been edited successfully.”
Then another viewer types !apple, should show “2 apples has been eaten”. Then “3 apples has been eaten” and so on.
Would be awesome to know how to create reset command for it and also count modifying command.
modifying as the streamer can change the count to whatever he like. if the count is currently 499 and would like to change to 478.
Also I would like to know if the that count stays even after the next stream.


Something like this should work fine.

Normal command

!commands add !count Here is an active count: $(count)


!commands add -ul=moderator !resetCount -a=!commands edit !count \-c=0


!commands add -ul=owner !changeCount -a=!commands edit !count \-c=$(1)

Thanks for the commands

but changeCount give me this error

so I changed to
!commands add -ul=owner !changeCount -a=!commands edit !count -c=1

But i would like to have something like
!changeCount 8
change to 8

If you use the examples Aaron posted it should allow you to do that. If you receive an error you can help us help you by posting the error.

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