Display emotes on Twitch and Discord with same command

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Displaying emotes works differently on Discord vs Twitch.

Say I have an emote on Twitch & my Discord server called foo. On Twitch I just type foo, but on Discord its actual name looks like <:foo:235979265710096384> (I can get its name by typing \:foo: in Discord chat). This command will distinguish between Twitch & Discord chat then output foo accordingly.

Have a foo: $(eval `$(provider)`==`twitch`?`foo`:`<:foo:235979265710096384>`)
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Wow, thank you! That works. You are a saviour. How would I set this up for multiple emotes in a row?
For example

foo foo foo foo foo foo foo foo

Many thanks!


Have a foo: $(eval `$(provider)`==`twitch`?`foo foo`:`<:foo:235979265710096384> <:foo:235979265710096384>`)

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