Display active mods in chat

Hello, I’m a mod in a Twitch channel and we used to have a command that would display the active mods in chat by typing !mods. But for some reason it stopped working and I can’t get it to work again.
Would appreciate anyone’s help!

Hey @gooseman!

It’s likely due to Twitch’s API recent changes: they removed an endpoint that many services were relying on to get data about users in chats, which could easily have been used to get the active mods.

There’s a new way to get that data, unfortunately it requires authentication, and that’s why no alternatives have been made yet, because it requires updating former code, and because that makes yet another connection to maintain alive for all the users of the service, which is harder than it sounds because users expect to set-and-forget.

Hey @Emily ,

Thanks for the information!

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