Discord Role Sync

I have use nightbot discord for some time and it worked fine with sync. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. I tried to type a message once every minute for 20min and nothing.

Is your nightbot attached to your youtube channel or twitch channel? Does nightbot have the proper permissions and follow the role heirarchy (i assume so, but maybe something changed)?

Yes nightbot and all are connected and everything work fine, except role sync. Yes nightbot has been placed higher then all of the other ranks, so should be working right? Does the player have to talk for a specific amount of time?

There is maybe one thing that could have done this but i dont think it can have been because of that. I recenly added a Patreon bot and role. But because i add a new bot should not screw up stuff right? I even deleted the bot to see if it was that. But still not working. (I did not delete the Patreon Role)

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