Discord role sync with youtube

Hi there,
I’m trying to sync roles for the YouTube chat mods, Nightbot has Manage Role permission and it’s above all other roles. (this was done a few days ago and people have been chatted in the discord during that time)

I’m pretty sure we have a problem because the Nightbot was previously was stetted up for Twitch(and worked for syncing Mods and VIPS) and now we moved to YouTube, but we kept the same discord server.

  • I tried a few times to kick him out, and re-integrate it. but still nothing happens.

  • It’s worth to mention that Spam filters are working, Nightbot does detect and deletes words from the blocklist Spam Filter.

(i’m the manager of the server but not the owner so the issues is not related to my account)

thanks for you help,

Hey @siedhr!

If you read the information on the integration page, you’ll notice that it doesn’t mention YouTube, but only Twitch when it comes to moderators.

it does mention it, and it used to work for us before.
there is also a role to select for moderators.

anyway, Nightbot doesn’t sync Regulars either, so something is off with our integration.

Oh, my bad, I never used Nightbot with YouTube, so I never seen that text change.
I’m afraid I don’t have the solution then, sorry…
Does clicking on Update do anything? It should force a sync…

Unfortunately no :frowning: :frowning:

Hmm, you mentioned kicking it out and adding it back, maybe you should try to click on Part Server and then add it back instead?

so the full process was:
Logging in with the Twitch account -> Part server (discord) -> logging in Youtube Account -> Join server.

I have no idea left as to what can be the issue, sorry… :confused:

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thanks for trying to help tho :slight_smile:

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i still need help :frowning:

Apologies for the delay in response. What is your Nightbot account id so we can look at logs? You can find this at Nightbot

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