Discord regular role not synced


I’ve looked for other topics about this before posting but haven’t found any answers that worked for me.

I connected my Discord server to Nightbot days ago, unsynced and synced again, Nightbot has the “manage roles” setting on and is placed above the other roles, waited hours, and server has been active. But it’s still not giving the regulars role. The members have their Twitch accounts linked to their Discord accounts.

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Hey @Pxrpleberry!

Regulars refer to this list, do you have users in there?
Maybe your interpretation of regulars is different than what it actually is.

Hi @Emily

Yes I do have regulars added to the list. I added them and waited days, nothing.

Thank you

I see, there seems to be an issue then :thinking:
Can you try logging out and back in the dashboard, and then click on that Update button, please?

Done! Logged out and back in the dashboard, clicked the update button in integrations. Still no regular role on Discord. Do I have to wait for people to talk in the server a bit?

Yeah, Nightbot gives the roles to the users it can see being active in the server.
One thing is to make sure it can see the channels content, so that you need to see Nightbot in the user list:

If you can see Nightbot in the user list and if regulars have been active, they should have the role now, otherwise there’s an issue.

There is definitely an issue then, because Nightbot sees every single channel and even reacts to commands and keywords.
Regulars have been active and talking. But nobody got the role.


Is this regular role being assigned correctly for anyone?

I see, well, I can’t help further, sorry.
It’s possible it’s a bug, or it’s something I haven’t thought about/don’t know.
I’ll tag @night so he doesn’t miss it, he’ll reply when he’ll have time.

Thank you, hopefully I will get a response!

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