Discord Nightbot is not syncing role in my discord server

Discord Nightbot is not syncing role in my discord server. I tested it and its never been working so. I tried my best to check out. But its never working.

What roles do you mean? And what have you done to test it? The bot requires an active action of the member who “wants” a role, so the member has to write a message in a textchannel and after ~15 minutes the role will be set or removed.

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Hey @SurgicalCrow!

Users must have their Twitch/YouTube account linked to their Discord’s for this integration to work. Make sure that you assigned roles in the integration dashboard. Finally, as Marvin said, the members need to send a message in a channel Nightbot can see on Discord for the roles to be distributed.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to give us more details, as your request is too broad, we don’t know your settings, we don’t know what you’ve tried, etc. We can’t guess these things, and therefore we can’t help you.

by roles i mean. roles for channel mod, membership and subscribers. Doesn’t the bot auto sync roles for all in the server every 15 minutes? yes. The account with which the guy subbed my channel is connected in discord. Still, the bot doesnt give any role to any user. Yes, in my server nightbot has admin perms and his role is higher than all other.

The Subscription role will not be set. This has to be done via the twitch integration directly in the discord server options.

whatever, what about subscriber, regular, and moderator role syncing?

I told you before that we need more details:

I’ll add the following question: on which platform are you streaming?

Without a detailed answer from you we won’t help, because we simply can’t with a blindfold on, so put some effort into it, you’re wasting your time and ours, you could have gotten the answer you’re looking for much faster if you had given us actual information to work with.

Ans is: YouTube platform. Ask me what info u need

Your integration settings, take a screenshot, it’s the third time I’m asking at this point.

Thank you!

So these settings look fine, you said the people it should give roles to have their YouTube account linked to their Discord’s, and you also said Nightbot’s role was above the roles it should give, so everything seems fine to me.

Nightbot will give the roles every 15 minutes if people sent at least one message in a channel it can see, so make sure it has the following permissions everywhere in your server: View Channels, Read Message History, and Manage Roles.

By the way, this may interest you as well.

yes i know. i joined with my alt. connected my account with which i subbed the channel. Sent a msg THERE and it didnt do anything :frowning:

the bot has admin role means every single perms in the server and every channel in it.

Hmm, okay, that’s indeed a real problem then, by which I mean not a misconfiguration of the settings, since it’s usually the case, we had to make sure.

Can you try clicking on Update and test, if it doesn’t work make Nightbot part the server and join back to test again.
If none of this work we’ll escalate the issue.

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