Discord intergration

Im wanting to add twitch regulars to discord and it seems to be not working (they do have twitch connections) the bot is in the server with all perms, any fix?

To me it seems Regulars are working. What isn’t working at all is Subscribers. I’m using Twitch however. Any ideas, anyone?

Regulars on Twitch are being added to the Regulars role on Discord
Subscribers on Twitch are not being added to the Subscribers role on Discord

Both roles are set and “updated” in Nightbot’s Dashboard > Integration settings.

Could it be that I didn’t set a “Moderator” role in those settings? I don’t want Nightbot to give Mod to anyone on Discord, only regulars and subs.

To update for Twitch subscribers, you need to set up the Twitch integration by Discord in the server settings.

Are you still experiencing this issue? Double check that Nightbot is ranked higher than these regular roles as this could cause role hierarchy issues.

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