Discord Integration/Syncing Issues

So I’ve searched around for issues pertaining to Discord syncing and haven’t found anything that really matches what’s happening for me. I’ve gotten Nightbot to sync, except it essentially removed all roles, even regulars I added beforehand even though they are regulars in Nightbot.

EDIT: I fixed the issue above, it was a complete oversight that I had subs set to regular and nobody is subbed through twitch, it was adding regular then removing it a split second later when it did sub rankings.

However now it doesn’t seem to auto-rank Twitch moderators & Nightbot is ranked as admin (above the Twitch Mods), this isn’t a big issue for mods but I’m still curious as to why it’s not working.

Role updates update every 15 minutes into the respected roles. Nightbot has the administrator role in order to operate properly without being effected by role restrictions.

Yeah that’s why I’m wondering why it’s having issues adding moderators, I’ve waited over 15 minutes and it’s now successfully adding regulars so I don’t know why it’s having issues adding mods. I mean, this isn’t a large issue since there’s so few mods but it’s still a bit frustrating that it doesn’t seem to be working.

Are you syncing Twitch mods or YouTube mods?

Sorry I should have clarified that, I’m on Twitch.

Well the syncing is definitely working according to logs. If you give me your twitch channel I can search logs to make sure it is running for your channel, but otherwise it’s likely a misconfiguration on your end.