Discord integration not showing for manager

Hello there,

I’m currently helping a friend out with managing their nightbot and discord. They have connected the nightbot to their discord server and the integrations menu shows this normally for them. When I open the integrations menu for their account though it doesn’t show me that nightbot is connected.

The nightbot is present on her discord as well, but doesn’t seem to correctly syncronize subs/mods and has even removed the subs role from some people

If you have any idea what might be the cause help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

You are only able to see your own account integrations for a channel via the Nightbot integrations page, which is why they may see it and you may not see it. Your friend would need to configure that integration on their end.

Nightbot does not sync subscribers, so it isn’t possible for it to remove the sub role from people. Any sort of Twitch subscriber or YouTube channel member integration is managed by Discord directly.

Nightbot does sync moderators, but those users would need to have connected their Twitch/YouTube account to Discord. Nightbot will remove moderators which shouldn’t have the role, so you should choose a unique role just for moderators if you use the sync system.

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