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Discord Integration: Allow multiple connected accounts to only one Discord server

Heyho :slight_smile:
I have a discord server with a couple of friends who are streaming, so I want to use the Nightbot Integration to sync mods and vips.
Now the problem:
if I connect Streamer A to the Discord → worked
if I connect Streamer B to the same Discord → worked, but the connection to streamer A has been reset.
and so on…

Would it be possible to allow multiple connections to the same discord? So that all the streamers can connect their Nightbot to my discord server?
I hope you understand what I mean :sweat_smile:
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can only link one Nightbot integration to a server within Discord. Since Nightbot will actively add/remove roles having two instances would cause the bot to constantly add/remove roles to users with different channels. (Add mod from channel A, remove mod since they aren’t a mod from channel B, etc.)

This feature would have to be added by night however most users don’t have a shared server, so I feel the number of users this effects is fairly low.

Okay but there is a quick solution for at least my implementation of a shared discord:
Every streamer has his own special groups:
So the bot should have no differences because one nightbot integration has exclusive roles which only are added and removed by this single integration. So (on own danger): would it possible to add e.g. a checkbox saying “I know what I’m doing: allow multiple integrations on one discord” and when users add multiple integrations on the same server role: break the connection.