Discord bot is stopping links from my web hooks

I am trying to let my webhooks, which I cannot assign roles to to not be able to be restricted by the nightbot, as i have turned on the restriction for putting links in. I’m not sure if I can whitelist the channels that they speak in, or whitelist them from being restricted.


I’m not too sure how well this would work, but you can try adding to Nightbot’s whitelist for links at https://beta.nightbot.tv/spam_protection

Related help section in the Nightbot docs: https://docs.nightbot.tv/spam-protection/links

Sadly I have tried that, and it is works for twitter links, but not YouTube because each link is different and the only common thing is YouTube.com/ and that would defeat the whole purpose.

You can disable Nightbot from deleting message within channels through the Discord Role system. Simply remove his Manage Messages role in the channel permissions. You might also need to remove the server administrator role as well.

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