Disappeared emots from Discord server

I have BetterTTV Pro Subscription.
My emotions disappeared yesterday from the discord server.
I tried to relink BetterTV with Discord server, but emotions did not appear.
How to fix?

After you relink it will attempt to sync all of your eligible emotes, but it can encounter an error if you’re out of emoji slots on your server. You can check your server’s amount of free slots by looking at your Server Settings > Emoji tab.

Its very strange.

I had 49 own emotes and 25 bettertv emotes = 74 emotes.
But a couple of days ago, there were 49 own emotes and 1 bettertv emote.

Apparently it was a bug in the discord and they fixed it?
Its sad.

It wasn’t a bug, BTTV removed this feature for the most part to get rid of the abuse of people just using it for emote only servers. The BTTV emote system will now limit you to the 50 emotes that your server has by default, and will no longer be global unless you’re a Discord Nitro user.

But i am a Discord Nitro user :confused:

Doesn’t matter, you still can’t go above 50 emotes in a server.

Well, then there is no reason to renew the bettertv subscription.

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