Disable right click download of bttv emotes?

I’m hoping this will be a feature that gets worked on in the future. I’ve been finding a lot of people on Twitch going to the BTTV Shared Emotes page then right-click downloading them so they can use it as a subscriber emote on Twitch instead of using it as a BTTV emote as it was intended. They treat it as their own emote, the artist gets no credit, and they in essence make money off of it.
I moderate for a few Twitch streamers who have had their emotes stolen this way and every time I ask the other people how they got it, they mention getting it off of BTTV.
This is a good tool to use if you want to find out if your art/emote was stolen and put on Twitch: Twitch - Emotes Content ID
It does an image search of the Twitch emote data base and lists the streamers who have the same emote. It’s made by CommanderRoot who is pretty known for making Twitch Tools

Hey @Nightingale019!

For BetterTTV feature requests, please submit an issue on the GitHub repository.

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