Disable BTTV / FFZ / Twitch emotes in chat?

I saw in another topic that you can use

.emoticon {
display: none;

To disable emoticons from being shown. Can you selectively disable some sets of emotes? For example, if I wanted to only display Twitch emotes in the chat rather than those from all three services? Or only Twitch and FFZ, or only Twitch and BTTV, etc.

For Twitch:
img[src*="//static-cdn.jtvnw.net"]{ display:none; }

For BetterTTV:
img[src*="//cdn.betterttv.net"]{ display:none; }

For FFZ:
img[src*="//cdn.frankerfacez.com"]{ display:none; }

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Awesome, thank you!!

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