Dictionary command 400 characters limit

First I have looked around for a simple dictionary command but could not find anything but…this

$(urlfetch https://api.dictionaryapi.dev/api/v2/entries/en/$(query))

Which runs into the problem of

[Response must be less than 400 characters]

When I try to run it

Now I know that there is some coding magic that can limit the response below 400. I mean probably. I have this urban dictionary command which works fine.

$(eval try{if(!decodeURIComponent($(querystring)))throw 0;a=$(urlfetch json http://api.urbandictionary.com/v0/define?term=$(querystring));b=a.list[0];(b.definition+|+b.example).replace(/[[]]/g,``).replace(/[\n\r]/g, ).slice(0,400);}catch(e){No search result found!;})

So. I really need help figuring this out. Or if there is an alternative. I can follow basic instructions but I’m not a programmer.

Hey @Seallussus!

Have a look at this topic:

That seemed to work. Thank you so much.

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