Deleted uploads counting against the limit

So I uploaded an emote and I realized after seeing the preview that it lost some of its luster when viewed on the light theme (as I use dark everything on my PC)

So I went to make some adjustments and then re-upload and it says I hit the limit of 5 uploads a week. My first question is really why do I have to upload before I see the preview? And then, why I’m still restricted from re-uploading something I deleted because I made a mistake? Before anyone says, yes, I searched the forum and found a similar topic (but it just informed the user of the existence of the limit and not anything else). These are tiny images we’re submitting, so I find it hard to believe its for bandwidth reasons (particularly when an uploaded emote is not yet visible by anybody else). I suppose they don’t want to be spammed, but this limitation seems really harsh.

So really, if I withdraw a submission why can’t I try again without using up an upload?
Finally, when does the weekly limit reset?

The weekly limit resets 7 days after the upload attempt. They don’t all reset at once.

The upload limit is to prevent users from spamming our small team of emote approvers with all their emotes by reuploading them immediately after they get denied. In your case it is not that your emote being withdrawn affects the limit, it’s the fact that the emote was submitted at all that affected the limit.

However i don’t get what you mean that you have to upload before you see the preview? I used my own emote for example, but the site shows you it in full size and how it will look in chat down at the bottom. The only thing the site doesn’t show you is the 56x56 and 28x28 versions without backgrounds. Which i believe is done because it isn’t created until it is uploaded (not too sure on that though).

Maybe I’m just missing something? But after I click upload, it shows a preview of how the emote will look in chat. Prior to pressing upload, I don’t see it anywhere. If it’s supposed to, then maybe my browser is bugging out or some plugin is interfering or something.

If it’s just about keeping your work load under control, why not make it so that if the user cancels their emote before it is reviewed, they get an upload slot back? Because in this case, it’s not about requesting immediate re-reviews because you never reviewed it in the first place.

I understand you guys are not like a big development studio or anything like that, but it feels like a punishment for a simple mistake and the emote never actually got reviewed to begin with.

(In no way do I mean to sound disrespectful, on the contrary I greatly appreciate the service you guys are providing.)