Deleted timer in nightbot still run

Hi, i have a weird issue withe the timers. I created a timer named Sondaggio and i collegated it to a command. After that i deleted the timer but nightbot continue to run it in my twitch chat. I read tha a solution could be to delete the command which the timer refers. The result is that now doesn’t exit anymore what i writed but this: The alias you set this command to be of, !sondaggio, does not exist. How can i solve?

Hey @coin1988!

Check your timers and delete the one you don’t want anymore.

Hi @Emily , i yet deleted the timer but it continue to run

It shouldn’t, a timer doesn’t keep going once it’s deleted, if you have multiple accounts on Nightbot, or if you manage channels, make sure you’re on the right account to delete the timer, and if you have timers left, make sure none of these timers have the deleted command for alias.

i haven’t multiple account. I know it shouldn’t run, but it’s happening! I created a timer and it had its alias, i deleted the timer and it still exit in my twitch chat. Reading other topic i saw someone solved deleting the command, i tried but now i have that boring message in chat “The alias you set this command to be of, !sondaggio, does not exist.” Both (the timer and the command) are deleted.

It actually is impossible for a deleted timer to run, since the timer implementation reads the source of truth (the database) to pull the timer it needs to send. If it’s been deleted, it wouldn’t know what to send.

The timer don’t exist anymore, how you can see, but it continue to run (the name of the timer was sondaggio)

You have a Social timer which is configured to run the command !sondaggio. It is not related to the timer you deleted.

Thank you, the problem was that