Deleted Messages Still Showing

So as recently as a few minutes ago I have the issue where if a spambot or a troll pops onto the channel and are banned their messages remain in the plugin. This is a new issue, as recent as a few days ago, since it’s worked fine for the majority of the time.

Just chiming in to say I’m having the same issue. Not sure whether this matters or not, but I have been using the same settings in the CLR browser for almost a year now.

Sorry for the late response. This should be resolved now.

Hm… do I need to reinstall OBS or the plugin or something to get whatever was fixed? Still having the same issue, just tested it.

I just tested it and I cannot reproduce any issues. How did you test that it was functional?

What I did was had a random viewer volunteer, let them type some stuff while the addon was functioning and showing text on screen, then banned them. The original text remained up on screen, as earlier described.

Just tested it seconds ago, seems to be working now. Didn’t change any settings on my side so I’ll just assume it took a bit to filter through to my plugin or something. Thank you for the assistance!

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