Deleted Messages are Broadcasted

Hey there,

iam using the OBS Chat and it works great most the Time.
So first i want to give is a Thank You Shoutout to the Developer(s) this Tool is amazing.

Now my problem ist that the deleted Messages where shown in Stream, it is like he was refreshing only the last line and “forget” the others.
May i do something wrong ?
Iam using 32-bit OBS newest version also all newest DL availibal from here.
Sorry for bad Explanations but english isnt my natural Language but i hope you understand.

Greetz Dr.ASN

Sorry for the 17 day delay. That’s actually pretty terrible how I missed this.

I’ll get this fixed up later today.

This should be fixed now (actually fixed it last night, but forgot to respond).

Heya night,

thanks for your expenditure and the noticing it works fine now.