Delete Songs Playlist

I was playing around with the song request settings and copied and pasted the example: !songs request Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? and now in my playlist is 1,221 Monstercat songs that I can not delete from my playlist. I would love to have people be able to request songs, but right now I don’t know how to fix this so I disabled the command.

Hey @favorite_otter!

The Monstercat songs are here by default iirc, it’s because they’re nice enough to offer us music we can use without the DMCA notice risk.
To remove the songs from the playlist, go to your playlist and click on Clear Playlist at the top left.
To clear the queue, go to the AutoDJ and click on Clear Queue.
The queue is what gets played, so clearing the playlist may not be necessary unless you want to create one from scratch.

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