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[CustomAPI] Quote system


I have an issue with the quote system (after the numbering features such as quote 1,2,3 have been removed) I’m having an issue with the !quote list option as it thinks list is part of a quote and give the “No Matching Quote Found” response


What channel is this on?

And can you show me what your quote command looks like on nightbot?


I’m currently using this quote system on Also, by the quote command, do you mean the command or the code for the command itself?


Yes the code for the !quote command only


The !quote command is displayed as a urlfetch, but the url itself is the same url provided in your post, but with the &no_id=1 added to the end of it. This is the knowledge you requested, correct?


Great API, one question, is there a way to edit an specific quote, or do i have to delete it and re add it??


You would have to remove and readd. Don’t support edits yet.


Is there any possible way to make nightbot show random quotes over time? I tried to make a timer in the settings, but whenever the timer triggers it only says “No matching quote found”. I guessed it would work, because when I write the !quote command, it returns a randomly chosen one, but when the nightbot writes itself, it only returns that message. Thanks!


Its most likely due to lack of proper data in the message field. If you have any text it will run the !quote command with that text.

To fix, simply have the timer run the urlfetch with the quote api in the message field instead of a timer. Use this link instead[TOKEN] (with the token replaced with the one in your !quote command). It should post a random quote and due to the data field being blank it should fix the issue you are having, as it won’t search for a command.


Hi I am moderator with access to my streamers channel nightbot. She has added the Quote system and I have tried all of the methods above to try and help her get her nightbot to show the random quotes. They either provide the No matching quote found, Missing “token” argument, check installation guide or some variation. Sadly none of them seem to work for hers. The last one of the missing token was with following @Slikrick not sure if I mixed up order of the token vs the token number from the !quote command. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


What if you append &data= at the end.


I tried that both with putting in the token# in and without and adding the &adata= at the end still getting no matching quote found :frowning:


The method i mentioned and used ([TOKEN]) works perfectly fine:

How it shows in chat:

If you want to test with mine, here is what i have in the message field. You can try it on your own or make yours match:



Thanks so much and the screenshots helped as well. I think I was using the wrong token was trying the non public one even with the format you posted here and had the no matching quotes found. Then I looked at what you put here and the screenshot and discovered it was the “everyone” quote code it needed and that by having the !quote command not in the part where it asks for a command to trigger it worked. Thanks everyone for all the help.


I am having difficulty with the !quote command in a channel that I mod for.

!addquote lands here: $(urlfetch[TOKEN]&data=$(querystring))

!delquote is this: $(urlfetch[TOKEN]&data=$(querystring))

But, !quote says, “No quotes have been added”. Even though the count is like, 25 or something like that. I believe I have the original token messed up. Can you help me fix it?


what does your quote command look like? Your add and delete look fine, but you probably have an error in the !quote one

EDIT: It should be:


And yes, this token can be shown publicly, it’s different from the token used for add and delete.


That’s fixed it! The token WAS messed up on Quote. Thanks so much.


Instead of using the public token to build a list in twitch chat, can it take the user to an external link (similar to the DJ song list). The reason for this is because I want to display all quotes to them (using it as a Rocksmith 2014 song request list) possibly using an external site or document. If my stream were popular and I had 100 song requests I can’t show these to the users without dumping a ton of text into my twitch chat which would result in missed messages and would look ugly.


That’s what the link generate when you type !quote list does. It gives a link using the public token, and when the user goes to that link, they see a full list of all the quotes.


Hi there! Loving the system.
I was wondering if there was a way for one command to grab the $(query) information from a previously used command. I wanted all user levels to be able to suggest quotes, but I don’t want them to be automatically added without mod approval.
For example:

User#1: !suggestquote Farting is funny.
Nightbot: Farting is funny.
Mod: !acceptquote
Nightbot: Successfully added quote #1

So !acceptquote would be similar to !addquote except that it would take what User#1 wrote without the mod having to retype or copy/paste the suggested quote. Hope that’s clear. Thanks! <3