[CustomAPI] Quote system

Hi everyone, I’m running into a bit of an issue. I’ve had this quote system for a month and at first it worked perfectly. Now whenever someone adds a quote or just types !quote to see one. This message pops up.
" Quotes must be enabled and at least one quote must be added for this feature to work."

The weird part is, it will successfully add the quote, it will successfully give them the quote to see/read but sends this message directly after. Which just floods the chat and is inconvenient. All of my quote commands are set to “everyone” except for the delete feature that’s for mods only. Someone please help if you can.

That error message does not come from my API. It’s likely some other bot you have that’s accidentally listening and replying to the same command. I assume you’re not using Nightbot, since it doesn’t have a builtin !quote command. I assume whatever bot you’re using has its own !quote command which you need to disable. That’s beyond the scope of this forum or this thread, I would suggesting contacting the maker of the bot itself.

As an aside, it is not recommended to set your edit/add quote commands to Everyone, since someone could abuse and modify/add a bunch of quotes when you’re not around in your chat.

I am using Nightbot and I don’t have any other bots installed. Thank you though for getting back to me and sorry for the confusion. :c


Is there a way to add multiple quotes at one time?

Hey @iamvlvt!

No, this is not possible as of now.