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[CustomAPI] Queue system


I think this is meant for the Quote system? Could you post that in English here: [CustomAPI] Quote system


i dont understand how to add this queue thing at all can you tell me step by step how to do this because i am really confused


Click the installation link in the start post, sign it with Nightbot, hit allow, hit install commands.:slight_smile:


Love the API for this queue, great work! Question: would it be possible to add a feature that restricts the users that can join to viewers, followers, and subs?


I will look into this.


@atrain64 Hiya, I just added the option to set your queue open for a specific group of users, see the start post for more info. I use the userlevels available in Nightbot, so the followers only will not be possible.


Thanks you so much @xgerhard! This new feature will be very useful with the already great queue system you’ve created for us.


@xgerhard Hi! I am a mod for a twitch channel and just had the streamer install this queue system. He wants to know if there is anyway that, when the queue is closed, the !list command could change to “The queue is currently closed.”


Hiya, thanks for trying out the queue command! There is currently no way to do that.
For a lot of channels it is important that there is a way to view the list even when the queue is closed, so this most likely will not be added, sorry.
To view the queue status you can always reference to the !info or !q info to see if the queue is open or closed (+ other queue details). When someone does want to join while the queue is closed, the queue closed message will be displayed in the chat.


A streamer I mod for has recently added this to their stream, however once we set the user level to subscriber only… It prevents VIP’s who are also subscribers from being able to join the queue with the message "The queue “…” is currently only open for “subscribers”.

Is this working as intended? or is there a way we can fix this?


Hiya, good find, this should be fixed now! The VIP status wasn’t checked correctly.


Love your work and appreciate your time! Can confirm 100% fixed.


Is There Any way i can get nightbot to response with something else than successfully added when i add a quote



Use this command response:

$(eval a=`$(urlfetch$(querystring))`;`[CUSTOM_RESPONSE_HERE]`)

Replace PRIVATE_TOKEN with your private token (16 characters long) and [CUSTOM_RESPONSE_HERE] with whatever you want Nightbot to say.


Thank u So Much. It works .


Hi is there any way that i can Make a Command Like with using two different $(Touser) … So if i type
join Zioncage Rexthebest nightbot responds ZionCage Epic ( Rexthebest ) ??



Is this related to the quote API?


Yes it is for the queue quote api


This will create a new command called !epicjoin that will add “[name 1] - [name 2]” to the queue, and will respond in the chat with the message “[name 1] Epic ([name 2])”

!addcom -cd=5 !epicjoin $(eval a=`$(urlfetch $(1) $(2))`;`$(1) Epic ($(2))`)


Thank u So much … Have a bless day