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[CustomAPI] Queue system


Is this related to the quote API?

Yes it is for the queue quote api

This will create a new command called !epicjoin that will add “[name 1] - [name 2]” to the queue, and will respond in the chat with the message “[name 1] Epic ([name 2])”

!addcom -cd=5 !epicjoin $(eval a=`$(urlfetch $(1) $(2))`;`$(1) Epic ($(2))`)

Thank u So much … Have a bless day

Hello! I currently use this system and I wanted to make a request to anyone out there to add a couple commands if it is possible.

I was looking for a command so a mod can add someone else. Like if I typed “!join Ninja” ninja would be added to the queue. I realize this wont be done with the !join command though because you can use !join and add a message to it.

I was also curious if someone can add a feature where mods can move people in the queue. For example if there are 4 people in the queue and Shroud is number 3, I could type !move [id] 1 Then it would put him on the top of the list.

If this is possible please let me know! Thank you for the amazing api!

Hiya, thanks for the suggestions. The option to add another user is being worked on.
The moving option, I’m investigating what the best way to do this is. I don’t think there will be a manual position feature, but I’m looking at a command to boost a user to the first place of the queue, just like the !songs promote feature from Nightbot.

The ‘promote’ command to move users to first position of the queue is now live, please see the start post for more info.

is there a list of the commands if i want to add them manually?
im a mod on a channel and dont have access to his nightbot.

Hey @Elias_Wakimian!

I think if you become manager of their Nightbot you can add it with the auto install, you’ll have to give the streamer your user ID and he’ll have to add you as manager, both actions are done from here.


Thanking for making this API. It has made taking art requests a lot easier during stream for me!
I do have a question: Is there a way to limit the max queue size?

Thank you!

Hiya, glad to hear that it helps you out! I will have a look at an option to set a limit to the active queue, currently there is no limit.

Ok, added a subcommand for it, so by default the limit is unlimited.

To change the limit, use for example: !q setlimit 10 to set the limit to 10.

Use !q setlimit 0 to change the limit back to unlimited.

Does the !who command no longer exist? It doesn’t appear on the list of commands being added during the installation process.

Hmm, think it never was in there, must have forgot to add it.
Should be in there now, thanks for reporting!

Is there any way I can increase the user message cap?

Also is it possible to save the user message to the Queue list window?

Hiya, what’s the usecase for a longer message? I build it in there for people to leave for example their gamertag while joining the queue, where I think 50 characters should be enough.

I’ll check for an option to see the user’s message on the queue list page.

It’s only because I’m gonna be using the queue command not so much for viewers games but for song requests on Guitar Hero streams and sometimes the artist and song combined makes for a message longer than 50 characters :sweat_smile:

Thanks for clarifying, I changed the limit to 100 characters. Hopefully that’s enough!

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@xgerhard Hello! I’ve been using nbqueue for several months now and it’s been great for my viewers. Have you ever thought about extending the !next and !random commands so that it’s possible to pull the next number of vips or subscribers? For example, !next 3 subs or !random 3 vips. That way I could give priority to VIPs and subs, but also make sure that anyone who joined the queue has a chance to play rather than just restricting a queue to only subs or only vips. Thanks for the work you’ve done on the queue system!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have a look at this.