[CustomAPI] Osu! ranking command

I created a new API that allows users to grab their ranking on the game osu! Here is the output of this command :

Trahanqc: !osu
Nightbot: Trahanqc is level 16 with 84.42% accuracy. #19,432 in CA, #599,837 in the world

To use this command, it is really simple. You have to copy and paste this code into your Twitch chat and change the default username to the one you want. This means that when you’ll be using !osu, it will search for the default username but if you are using !osu trahanqc, it will search for the specified username.

!commands add !osu $(customapi http://gotme.site-meute.com/api/osu.php?action=getRanking&username=$(query)&channel=$(channel)&default=YOURUSERNAME)

Hope it will help some people :slight_smile:

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