CustomAPI not triggering commands in Beta

Due to our channel having multiple streamers we use the customapi to return $(steam user gamelink)
with user being replaced by the current caster based on a schedule. However, after transitioning to the Beta, Nightbot will return the text $(steam user gamelink) instead of the game link. This is also an issue with $(twitch game) $(twitch status), which we’ve incorporated into other commands server side instead of through Nightbot.

Please refer to the new way to use both $(steam) and $(twitch) on the docs site. They are both significantly different.



Yes, $(steam user gamelink) will have to be changed to $(steam user gameurl) but that doesn’t change the fact that Nightbot isn’t accepting the returned values from the API as variables, it only recognized it as text. The way it used to work was the API would return the text $(twitch) and Nightbot would display the information from $(twitch).

Nightbot isn’t accepting the returned values from the API as variables, it only recognized it as text.

Nightbot grabs a bunch of information that can be used in both Steam and Twitch. All of these can be found in the Advanced Formatting of each section. I don’t understand how it is only giving text unless their is an error in the formatting. Does this help or am I missing something from what your asking?

!commands add !currentgame This current game being played is: $(twitch $(channel) "{{game}}"!

Will display a game.

!commands add !steam $(touser) is playing $(steam $(touser) "{{gameName}}! Current GameURL: {{gameUrl}}!")

For a game URL and game according to steam.

We tried making a new command !test $(customapi URL)
The URL returns $(twitch game)
So, when we do !test this is what we see:
$(twitch game)

We then made !test2 $(twitch game) $(customapi URL)
When we do !test2 we see:
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth $(twitch game)

This has happened since transitioning to Nightbot Beta.

This sounds like it may be a variable parsing bug. Can you provide the channel this is happening in as well as the problematic command name so that we can investigate it?

The channel is and currently the only command would be !g Due to the nature of the stream the command only works during a live stream as the results are based on which streamer is streaming at the time, not sure of the output while we are offline. We have another command (!joinus) but its currently not setup for this streamer’s time.

I see, your API is trying to inject variables into the command. Unfortunately that’s no longer possible due to better security measures (in reality we should never have been taking and parsing input from your API).

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Ok, that is understandable. Thank you for your quick response.

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