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[CustomAPI] New API website!


I run a site called scorpstuff that hosts APIs for use with chatbots. It is massively popular on the mixer streaming site, and there are already tons of nightbot users using it. I made a page on the site that provides nightbot syntax for all 20+ commands - everything from follow age, to cat facts, to chuck norris jokes, to dad jokes - and I thought I’d share it here


I just added 5 new APIs for twitch!

  • !partner
  • !affiliate
  • !featured
  • !twitchiversary
  • !avatar



I just created a new !teamlive command that tells you who on the specified team is currently live. It can be customized and sorted to your needs

You are able to:
-sort by ASC or DESC viewer count (&sort=ASC)
-output only a list of names for better customization options (&raw=1)
-omit the @ symbol from names (&notag=1)

see for details


Authorize Your Twitch Streamer Account:
Then add the command from