[CustomAPI] Music: "Now Playing" Overlay for Pretzel.rocks Browser Users

Heya all :slight_smile:

Well - I’ve written another CustomAPI, this time for Pretzel (Twitch Safe Music) users.

Those of you who use the Pretzel App, will not need this as the App can already give you a Now Playing text file.

Those who play the music from a Web Browser on the other hand, do not (as far as I’m aware) have any way to this. Well NOW YOU DO !!

Have a look at http://zoeballz.uk/_Pretzel/ . Full details for setup are there. It has been tested by a couple of people but this should be considered as “in Beta” right this moment. :crossed_fingers:

This API does NOT require any special permissions or authorisation from either Pretzel or Twitch, to work. :slight_smile:

Please let me know what you think and any problems etc.

All the best,

Zoe :transgender_flag:

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