[CustomAPI] Csgo Faceit lvl, elo, lifetime stats, match gain/lose elo

Api again live on https://api.satont.ru/

Added elo gain and lose into api response. Json path: currentMatch.gain , currentMatch.lose . Can be used via view via: {currentMatch.gain} , like $(urlfetch http://api.satont.dev/faceit?nick=Satonteu&view=Lvl: {lvl}, elo: {elo} trend: {latestMatchesTrend.simple}), Current match gain: {currentMatch.gain})

Hello, I want it to be displayed like this when entering this command - xsiyz, lvl: 10, elo: 2714, today: W +25. Total: +25 elo

$(urlfetch http://api.satont.ru/faceit?nick=USERNAME&view=Lvl: {lvl}, elo: {elo}, today: {latestMatchesTrend.simple}, total: {todayEloDiff} elo)
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Hi, nightbot gives me the error Error Connecting To Remote Server when I try to enter the !elo command, I entered the last added code. How can I improve the situation? Thanks in advance for your answer!