[CustomAPI] Csgo Faceit lvl, elo, lifetime stats, match gain/lose elo

This command won’t work for some reason, I keep getting the “Unexpected Identifier” in chat… My Faceit is HogWH (can you help?)


Just added all avaliable properties in custom view.

So now you can use all varaibles via that way: https://api.satont.dev/faceit?nick=FaceitName&view=Elo: {elo}, diff: {todayEloDiff}, lifeTimeStats: {stats.lifeTime['Matches']}

So, it’s just supper all from json.

It might help, if your bot not support json for some reason.


Added trend variables.

"latestMatchesTrend": {
 "simple": "WLWLW",
 "extended": "W +10 | L -22 | W +24 | L -35 | W +28" 

You can choose what trend you wan’t to use!

Example usage:

https://api.satont.ru/faceit?nick=FaceitName&view=Elo: {elo}, diff: {todayEloDiff}, lifeTimeStats: {stats.lifeTime['Matches']}, trend: {latestMatchesTrend.simple}


Hi! Can you please explain in detail how to install it?

Just create command with folowed response:

$(urlfetch http://api.satont.dev/faceit?nick=USERNAME&view=Lvl: {lvl}, elo: {elo})

And change USERNAME with your faceit nickname (case sensitive)

how can i setup those? im so noob in scripts etc

my faceit nickname “phNTMk1nG-” btw

Just check 1 message above.

i named my command: “!elo” response: "as you said, but inserted my nickname. and i just literally get what i typed in response.

$(urlfetch http://api.satont.ru/faceit?nick=hasanakhiar&view=Elo: {elo}, diff: {todayEloDiff}, lifeTimeStats: {stats.lifeTime['Matches']}, trend: {latestMatchesTrend.simple}

not working

@hasanakhiar You have typo. Use {stats.lifetime['Matches']}


Removed 5 matches limit for latestMatches and latestMatchesTrend, added loses and wins into api response, so you can build more customizable responses.

My faceit name is Smuli97 and i want command what show elo and my winstreak exemple: Smuli97: Elo:2076⠀win:53%⠀KD:1.09⠀Streak:0

Satont, familiar with any API to grab all 3-4 letter untaken (invalid) usernames ? old API doesn’t work anymore.

@Satont hey, i dont have a overview here can you send me the code where i can show the guys: my lvl, my elo and how much elo ive made today? thanks <3

Please, make attention. Api moved to https://api.satont.dev

Hello id like a command that says elo progression
Example: Lvl:6 elo:1496 diff:0, next lvl: 7, elo needed: +55

is there any way you can make these work for fossabot

Hi, I need help, you can throw off the script for working with elo + dif urgently, I will be very grateful <3

Hello my friend thank you for this very great but im wondering if there is any way to make it not case sensitive cuz that is quite annoying for the getelo command