[CustomAPI] CS:GO Esportal current ELO and daily change


I got a few requests to add a command displaying ESportal elo and daily change to my discord bot similar to an existing faceit elo command. Since exposing this command to the nightbot route took no extra effort I decided to add it there as well.

Simple usage:
$(urlfetch https://wombot.fi/nightbot/eselo/USERNAME)

Example response:
Elo: 2030, Today: 0

Advanced usage (For different languages etc.):
$(eval const obj = $(urlfetch json https://wombot.fi/nightbot/eselo/USERNAME?format=json); if (obj.message) {obj.message} else { `Elo: ${obj.elo}, Today: ${obj.eloChange}` })

The following parameters are exposed in the JSON object.

    "elo": 2030,
    "level": 11,
    "eloChange": 0,
    "recentMatches": []

Should any questions arise you can find me on Discord Sunquist#1337

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