[CustomAPI] Check if new follower is on CommanderRoot's Known Bot List with Blocklist Buddy

Heya folks :slight_smile:

This is a CustomAPI that will tell you if a new follower is a known bot account on CommanderRoot’s list…

Create a new command !bot (or whatever you like !).
Set the message to:

$(urlfetch https://zoeballz.uk/_Blocklist_Buddy/known_bot.php?user=$(user)&bot=$(1)&channel=$(channel))

In your channel chat, type:
!bot [suspected bot’s username]

If the account is on CommanderRoot’s “Known Bot List”, it will return:
@[your username] - According to @BlocklistBuddy, [suspected bot] is listed as a KNOWN BOT on CommanderRoot’s Known Bot List.

If the account is NOT on the list, it will return:
@[your username] - According to @BlocklistBuddy, [suspected bot] is NOT a Known Bot.

By the way, Blocklist Buddy is an automated system, that uses CommanderRoot’s Known Bot List (currently 11.8 MILLION BOTS) and blocks them from your channel BEFORE they have a chance to attack, but it does it all for you server-side instead of you having to run it yourself for hours or even days on your own computer. You can find Blocklist Buddy at https://zoeballz.uk/_Blocklist_Buddy/

The API now also looks up on TwitchInsights’ known lurker bot list as well :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing, thank you for making it, I’ll definitely use it!

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I’m currently trying to find out if it’s possible to include the bots listed at TwitchInsights as well. If it is, then there would be an additional message, something like “[suspected bot] is a known Lurker Bot at TwitchInsights.net”. Something like that anyway. :slight_smile:

Unless you perhaps know of another/more reliable source of that data @Emily ?

I don’t, sorry, I must admit I’m out of the loop when it comes to Twitch, all I do related to the platform is assist people with their Nightbot issues or commands, I barely watch any stream nowadays, so I’m completely blind when it comes to other tools linked to the platform.

The API now also looks up on TwitchInsights known lurker bot list as well :slight_smile:

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does this help with those stupid “wanna buy followers?” things?

It would help to tell you if it were a known bot that COULD have been blocked if you had been using CommanderRoot’s site, or Blocklist Buddy.