[CustomAPI] Battlefield 1 stats by Battlefieldtracker.com


In cooperation with Battlefieldtracker I developed a Custom API to display your Battlefield 1 stats + rank in the world in your Twitch chat.

!commands add !bf -cd=5 -ul=everyone $(urlfetch https://2g.be/twitch/BF/command/query=$(querystring)&defaultconsole=xbox)
You can set the default platform by changing Xbox in the url, available platforms xbox, ps, pc.

!bf <action> <Username> <Platform>
Action - See command list below.
Username - EA username / Gamertag / PSN.
Platform - pc / xbox / ps.

Note: Console Stats partially available, if you haven’t played Battlefield 4 or Hardline your profile might not be found, Battlefieldtracker is working on alternative methods to get your profile, however there is no ETA yet.

!bf kills Scudze xbox
[Dev] xgerhard: Scudze’s total kills: 7.333 (#7, Top 1%).
!bf kd Zelexiv pc
[Dev] xgerhard: Zelexiv’s K/D ratio: 2,90 (#565, Top 9%).

Tip: Use ‘!bf setplayer < Username > < Platform >’ to link your Account:


  • stats (Overview with KD / Rank / Wins + Win % )
  • time (Total playtime)
  • kills (Total kills)
  • deaths (Total deaths)
  • kd (Kills/deaths ratio)
  • winp (Win %)
  • kpg (Kills per game)
  • kpm (Kills per minute)
  • losses (Total losses)
  • wins (Total wins)
  • rounds (Total rounds played)
  • rank (Current rank)
  • lvl (Alias of rank)
  • skill (Skill level)
  • spm (Score per minute)
  • accuracy (Accuracy %)
  • akills (Avenger kills)
  • dogtags (Total dogtags taken)
  • flagsc (Flags captured)
  • flagsd (Flags defended)
  • headshots (Headshots given)
  • lks (Longest killing spree)
  • assists (Total assists)
  • lhs (Longest headshot)
  • nkills (Nemesis kills)
  • lns (Longest nemesis spree)
  • repairs (Total repairs)
  • revives (Total revives)
  • skills (Total savior kills)
  • squad (Total squad score)
  • contact (contact info)

Full up to date action list here: https://2g.be/twitch/BF/

Alias commands
When you installed the !bf command, you can easy setup alias commands for example:
!commands add !kd -a=!bf kd xgerhard
Now when someone uses !kd the following command will be executed: !bf kd xgerhard

Questions or feedback?
Twitch: Xgerhard
Twitter: @Gerhardoh
Discord: Xgerhard#2439


Hello, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there a way to get the BF1 server number into Twitch chat as a command. Lots of viewers would like to join the squad or at least the same server as us when we play and stream BF1.

Many thanks

MuadDibJedi - Twitch Affiliate

@muaddibjedi Heya, unfortunately this data is not available in the API I’m using.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply xgerhard - would you know where I could look or whom I could ask ?



I do not sorry, I could not find any info about getting the current server data.

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