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I was wondering if it was possible to rename the song request commands within Nightbot itself. I have tried to use the alias command to change !songrequest to !subrequest and then disabling the !songrequest command to try and get it to work, however this does seem to work. This is because I would like Nightbot to be the bot that handles subscriber song requests, and another bot handles the normal song requests. Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance.

If you want song request to be for your subscribers only you can use "!songrequest userlevel sub"
For the Alias to work the base command has to be functional.

When using an alias, it’s important to remember that it will run the listed the command. If you have !songrequest disabled and you make a command like, !addcom !songadd $(alias !songsrequest) it’s not going to work. So yes, you can add another way to get to that command but you can’t fully change it.

There are some options for your certain case.

  • Using the userlevel system in Nightbot to only allow subscribers to request songs. As @odivinewraitho mentioned that is !songrequest userlevel sub. This will also not give any response to non subscribers.

  • With the userlevel enabled, you could disable the songrequest command. This will force people (for your case subscribers) to add songs on the Nightbot Songlist Page. That page is public under the !songlist command. It will require users to log in and authorize their accounts. The page will still maintain the userlevel, so non subscribers cannot request songs, thus the authorizing.

Personally I don’t see the reason to have two different bots to handle the requests. Using Nightbot’s userlevel system should be enough for most cases. If say, you wanted to change the songs to sub only. Use the !songrequest userlevel sub and clear the songs using Nightbot’s Song Page. And to change it back remove the userlevel, !songrequest userlevel off. Hope this helps you out.

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