Custom message for blacklisted words filter not working

I’m a manager of a friend’s twitch stream. I have added a few blacklisted words to the text box, without a custom message. I then proceeded to type “test” in his chat, as that was one of the words I added, for obvious reasons. Once I typed it, nightbot said a random Duke Nukem quote, as it should. It also removed the messages I sent, which is another thing it’s meant to do. I then proceeded to type out a custom message for nightbot to say when a blacklisted word was said in chat, and the censor decided to stop working. I then changed it to have [blacklisted words] and [warning] at the end of the message, like the default messages did, and that didn’t do anything either. I then decided to give up, and just let nightbot roll with the random quotes, but then those stopped working too, and now nothing is working. I need help. My confusion is immeasurable

I’m unsure as to why it would stop working. Perhaps you’ve done something custom or different? Could you provide a screenshot of your blacklisted words menu?

Just reproducing your scenario has it working just fine for me:


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