Custom emotes still pending review

I am inquiring on the review period on my 3 uploaded emotes. I read the process averages 0-5 days approval, but I have not an email on rejection/approval.

Please advise.

Emotes are approved by a small team of volunteer approvers so there isn’t any guaranteed approval time, 0-5 days is just an estimate. You will receive an email when your emotes are approved/rejected or you can see their status on each emote’s page. How long have they been pending for?

I’ve got the same problem. It’s been a week or 6 working days and I’m still waiting. Thanks for clearing it up a bit Stoupedog, hopefully the emotes will be approved soon!

My 3 emotes have been uploaded 7-8 business days ago.

We have been backlogged due to PAX. Sorry for the delay. Queue is down to 3 days ago at this point.

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