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Custom Downloaded Font?

Is there any possible way to import a custom font that’s been downloaded? For example, I’d like to stream a few DS games and want a DS themed chat, which includes the DS font.

So I found one online, but it doesn’t seem to be able to be added. So I’m trying to think of the reason. Whether its just that those custom fonts aren’t supported, or if they are - if it’s related to me not typing or phrasing it correctly, if I should call the name of the font as it shows installed in the Fonts directory, or if it’s the file name. Or possibly it’s because only .fon/.ttf formats are supported. The CSS is entered locally, so are the fonts I am able to use ones my computer has installed, or is the CSS compiled and applied from a sort of ‘virtual’ browser on OBS, which can’t determine my installed fonts?

For reference the name of the font as it shows installed is ‘Nintendo DS BIOS Regular’.
File name is ‘Nintendo-DS-BIOS.ttf’

Custom fonts should work assuming they are loaded into the stylesheet properly. If you post what you’re using for CSS someone may be able to help you debug.

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