Custom Commands Are All Gone

I took a break from streaming for about a year and I have recently come back but it looks like everything about my nightbot profile has been reset to default. I dont know if how long I was gone had anything to do with it but my dashboard is as if I never used Nightbot before. All the custom commands are gone, there is no data from any of my recent streams, and everything looks like it was reset to default. I tested some of my old commands on the stream, just in case, and nothing worked. The default commands for nightbot do work so it was still setup on my channel properly. It just looks like all the data on this end was reset. Is there something I’m missing or do I have to start over from scratch again?


You might be able to have your account restored if you report the issue via this contact form: NightDev

I figured it might be something along those lines. Ill use the contact form to see if I have any luck. I dont plan on taking another long break so hopefully I’ll avoid this issue in the future. Appreciate the help.

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