Custom command !songs skip for everyone

Hi guys, I would like to create a custom command that allows every user to skip songs on Nightbot. !skip songs works only for moderators and it doesn’t seem to work on custom commands.
At the same time, if use a custom command for !songs request with “!songs request” as alias it works just fine. Maybe beacuse that’s open to every user by default. But that’s precisely why I need a custom command for skipping songs: I need to allow every user to use a command that is restricted by default. Any ideas? Thank you!

Btw I know nothing about NB so forgive if I miss the obvious!

Hey @chatoncommand!

I’m afraid this is not a setting you can change as far as I’m aware, sorry.

Hi Emily, thanks for your answer. So would you say there isn’t an alias for “!songs skip” ?

Pretty sure !skip would work as an alias for !songs skip, however, it’d still be for moderators, and even if you made a !skip command available to everyone to overwrite the default !skip that is only available to moderators—!addcom !skip -a=!songs skip—it wouldn’t work since !songs skip is set for moderators only, and since you can’t change that the problem remains.

All right then. Thanks for the help Emily! At least I didn’t spend the day over this!

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